Our History

ICS was established in 1997. It was born in response to a growing need to supply meaningful market analysis.

Our Aim

ICS aims to provide commercially useful market analysis and industry best estimates of risk and value in agricultural commodity markets. Our focus is the raw wool market with potential for development into other commodity markets in the future.

Our Clients

Our clients include farmers throughout Australia, brokers in Australiasia, and wool exporters in Australia and Europe.

Our Team

Our team at ICS includes two permanent staff, our contractors and clients. Often the best ideas arise as a result of requests, feedback and suggestions from clients who are considered very much part of the team.

Andrew Woods

Andrew has a background in farming. He was raised in the Riverina on Mulberrygong, a property near Hay. After securing a degree in Agricultural Science at the University of Sydney, he spent eight years farming in both northern and southern NSW. A move to woolbroking in 1991 saw an interest in market analysis burgeon. In 1997 he and his family moved from Adelaide to Wagga Wagga to start Independent Commodity Services. Andrew is the Market Analyst at ICS.

Carmel Woods

Carmel has a background in the topmaking industry, spending thirteen years with Prouvost et Lefebvre, which then became Chargeurs, at Riverina Wool Combing in Wagga Wagga. She comes from a farming background near French Park, south west of Wagga Wagga, and is the financial controller, human resources manager and general boss.