Independent Commodity Services provides a range of services to wool growers.  From ClipHedge Comment – a weekly one page report on the wool market, to ClipMarket – a retainer based consulting service, or indeed anything in between.

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A retainer based consulting service looking at price, risk and value from auction sales, to long term strategic planning.  Helps you…

  • Squeeze the best value out of markets.

  • Negotiate more effectively.


Independent valuation of wool for sale (auction, private or forward).  Helps you…

  • Set more effective reserves.

  • Negotiate more effectively.


Independent view of the wool market incorporating ICS work on wool prices, risk and value, presented as weekly one page report. (Includes subscription to MLS Web Tool.) Helps you…Make better tactical and strategic decisions with regards to hedging, holding stock and selling with independent advice.

  • Save time with a one page summary each week of prices, trends and risk in the wool market.


(Micron, Length & Strength)

A spreadsheet based analysis tool updated monthly, that allows you to examine the merino wool market price structure by micron, length, strength and vegetable matter (VM) level.  There are over 5,000 active combinations of micron, length, strength and VM available in the MLS Analyser. Helps you…

  • Make better strategic / budgeting decisions.

  • Make better selling decisions by producing price graphs and historic decile tables for specific micron, length, strength and VM categories of merino fleece and pieces.


A range of reports analysing the wool market are available on a weekly/monthly basis.  Helps you to…

  • Manage specific aspects of markets.

  • Avoid wasting time by delivery of specific analysis direct to you.


ICS provides consulting services for specific requests.  Helps you …

  • Examine issues of particular relevance to your business cost effectively.

For more detailed information on any of these services please contact ICS.